Carbon Calculating


Carbon Calculating
Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gases that which traps solar heat and warms the earth’s climate. Every time we burn these fuels we produce more waste carbon dioxide – 8 billion tons a year in fact. Within 50 years we will have twice as much Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere as we had before industrialisation. By 2050 climate change will have directly led to the extinction of 30% of species, the death of 90% of coral reefs and the loss of half the Amazon rainforest.
Flying is the most carbon intensive way to travel. ‘Aviation at present accounts for 3% of greenhouse gases and generates nearly as much carbon dioxide in one year as the total population of Africa.’ There is a lot of debate about helping reduce carbon emissions (or carbon offsetting) and there are a few organizations around the world that help you contribute by planting trees.
Some organizations to consider are:

  • Friends of Conservation Carbon Calculator
  • Choose Climate
  • Climate Care
  • Future Forests
  • Woodland Trust
  • Trees for Life

* Be warned that some organizations are more press relations that actually reducing carbons. Also there are arguments that it is better to preserve a bog than plant a tree-be conscious!
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