Do you need help with issues of sustainability?


  • Sustainability audits of your company
  • Development of a responsible tourism policy including sustainable supply chain guidelines
  • Cost saving ideas through waste, water and energy management and implementation strategies
  • Partnership development and ideas for responsible tourism ventures
  • PR / marketing expertise to profile your best practices
  • Advice clients on technical aspects of tourism development & organizational issues
  • Work with you to identify opportunities for new initiatives and services

Sustaining Tourism provides services including:


  • Ethical, sustainable, eco, responsible tourism research & development
  • Best practices
  • Corporate sustainability reporting (policy development & reporting assistance)
  • Training & empowerment to achieve more sustainable tourism
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Communication & marketing strategy and planning
  • Environmental/Sustainability Audits
  • Sustainable/eco partnerships & product development
  • Sustainable policy development


  • Marketing plans and marketing execution
  • Internet development, links and marketing
  • Assistance with sustainable tourism product development
  • Partnership development
  • Public relations planning & execution



  • Executive Training (Saudi Arabia Tourism Development)
  • Tourism Gap Analysis & Investment Study (Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries)
  • Audit, Cabot Cape Breton (Cabotlinks)
  • Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska Sustainable Tourism Visioning (US Forestry Service)
  • Consumer research for Blue Flag certified beaches (Environmental Defence)
  • Sogn og Fjordane County, Norway sustainable tourism policy integration
  • Facilitation for the Ontario Tourism Industry Act (TIA)
  • Sustainability and waste audits for festivals: Irie, Pride & Mariposa Folk festival
  • Sustainability strategies/best practices/assessments for TIFF, Irie Festival, Kuoni
  • Strategic / Marketing plans for the Ontario Cycle Tourism Partnership, Evergreen Brickworks, Ontario Region 7 (RTO 7)
  • Course development about sustainable tourism issues for universities and colleges nation-wide
  • Marketing training for small tourism companies on accessing markets and ensuring sustainability in product development
  • Development of a community benchmarking guide for sustainable tourism development & community based tourism policies for countries
  • Tourism research and reports for funding agencies such as the World Bank, etc.
  • Examining potential and feasibility of development soft adventure in the Caribbean (Caribbean Tourism Organization)
  • Assessing global CSR in the tourism industry for the World Bank
  • Developing and writing an environmental benchmarking guide for hotels (WWF, etc.)


  • Professor, Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Toronto Metropolitan University -formerly Ryerson University (current)
  • Director, Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Research, Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Environmental Advisor, The International Tourism Partnership (a programme of the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF).
  • communications and PR for tour operators and hotels/lodges
  • working with a landscape architect firm, a leisure centre, tour operators, hotels and tourist attractions
  • and work for charities such as Friends of Conservation, OMEC and other ecotourism or start-up tourism ventures.

Dr. Rachel Dodds has helped develop sustainable tourism policies, marketed companies internationally, developed and executed PR strategies and developed partnerships. Rachel also does research in Sustainable Tourism, Consumer Behaviour, Business Ethics, Corporate Responsibility, Policy and Quantitative/Qualitative Social Research. To read some of Rachel’s publications click here or join here to download them for free