Traveling is the best form of education but not everyone
has an understanding of sustainable tourism.

Are you or your organization concerned about the impacts tourism can have such as the overuse of resources, cultural degradation or little economic benefit? Are you unsure what you can do or where to start?

Learn more by organizing a workshop about sustainable tourism

Recognizing the need for innovative action and serious professional training in the area of sustainable tourism, Dr. Dodds has developed a number of workshops. These innovative programs demonstrate the means and best practices for a tourism business to operate with lower environmental impacts, social and cultural benefits, and positive economic opportunities for countries around the world.

Designed for entry level personnel as well as seasoned veterans, this introductory course provides in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry from economic, social and environmental perspectives and includes all terminology ranging from responsible to regenerative tourism. Workshops can help lay a foundation of knowledge to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the current issues and provides specific methodologies for managing tourism sustainably. Examples, case studies and discussions provide an interactive platform to review how small and mainstream tourism companies can more effectively take on the challenge of social, cultural and environmental management worldwide.

Learn what you can do to help transition your organization and the tourism industry towards a more sustainable future.

If you are a company, organization or educational institute and would like to offer a workshop or have Rachel develop a customized sustainable tourism workshop for you, please contact her directly.

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EXCELLENT at getting great
press and exposure for our product.”

Gary Murtagh, President,