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Bali– The island of Bali developed a plan of action for sustainable tourism in 2005. Many efforts have been noted, however there is no conclusive documentation on implementation and some issues are still of concern.

Vietnam’s green map

VietnamThis ecotourism initiative represents national parks, nature reserves and proposed protected areas spread over mountains, lowland forests, wetlands, islands, coral reefs and 3,440 km of coastline. Locked within these natural pockets is an endemic and indigenous biodiversity that makes Vietnam a truly special country. An estimated 12,000 species of vascular flora occur in Vietnam. The organisation’s goal for the ecotourism map is for international tourists to take note of Vietnam’s spectacular natural composition, whilst being responsible, respectful and considerate of local communities. By engaging local people through the use of guides, home- stays and various modes of transportation, it is hoped that tourism will serve to increase local communities’ awareness of their natural environment whilst providing them with alternative sources of income. All sale proceeds from the map go directly to support Vietnamese primate conservation. For further information, please contact: