Making Tourism More Sustainable: A Guide for Policy Makers
This Guide was developed by the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Tourism Organization and presents a comprehensive set of instruments for governments, ranging from planning regulations to economic instruments and the application of certification and indicators, and it sets out 12 aims for sustainable tourism and their implications for policy. The Guide is based on practical experience, illustrated by numerous examples and case studies across the world. Different destinations and case studies on policy and sustainable tourism are outlined.

The Business Case for Sustainable Development
The UNEP has a number of good practice guides and this one focus on the green economy and return on investment

Biological Diversity and Tourism Case Studies
Case studies posted on this site have been submitted by governments to the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Case studies range from using tourism as a development tool to biodiversity issues and their impacts.
What is the CBD? Signed by 150 government leaders at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, the Convention on Biological Diversity is dedicated to promoting sustainable development. Conceived as a practical tool for translating the principles of Agenda 21 into reality, the Convention recognizes that biological diversity is about more than plants, animals and micro organisms and their ecosystems – it is about people and our need for food security, medicines, fresh air and water, shelter, and a clean and healthy environment in which to live.

Equations report on India’s tourism policy
EQUATIONS is a non-profit organisation established for research, training and the promotion of holistic tourism. This Indian group provides research and publications and a resource centre. Their focus on tourism policy in this case study assesses the impact of Indian Tourism Policy on the tourism sector and makes a preliminary study of the possible impact such policy imperatives might have on the socio-economic fabric of the country. An interesting read.

UN Commission on Sustainable Development
This site outlines such reports as the Sustainable Development of Tourism where the Secretary-General describes trends in tourism, incorporation of sustainability in tourism development and issues for further consideration. Documents which can be downloaded also include Tourism and Local Agenda 21 Publication and UNEP Cooperation with GTZ on sustainable tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean.