Companies and Organizations

Certifications and Standards

Ontario by Bike Network – the Ontario By Bike Network offers a variety of information on cycling in Ontario, inspiring visitors and residents to explore more by bike. Over 1000 accommodations, restaurants and attractions as ‘bike friendly’. The certification also promotes bicycle friendly businesses and cycle tourism in a growing number of regions across Ontario. The Network is open to accommodations, food services, attractions, cycling related businesses and organizations interested in cycle tourism.

Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative – a new industry standard for carbon measurement has been adopted by most ITP members and is a start to measuring and monitoring for GHG’s.

Earthcheck – established in 70 countries, this system, called EC3 Global developed the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC) out of Australia. It is a benchmarking and certification program and has an exclusive license to certify under the Green Globe brand.

Federation of Tour Operators – Travellife Sustainability Guidelines
A set of guidelines aimed to help suppliers understand and manage environmental and social issues.

Sustainable Slopes – A framework for sustainability and environmental performance in ski areas

Blue Flag  – The Blue Flag program works to certify beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and other services. Currently the program operates in Europe, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand & the Caribbean.

AAA Tourism’s STAR Ratings Turning Green
Now AAA gives out green stars as well! Green STARS was developed in partnership between Australia’s Auto Clubs and GREEN GLOBE Asia Pacific under the guidance of the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre. The AAA has introduced an environmentally friendly endorsement called Green STARS which showcase accommodations which have embraced green practices.The star rating for accommodation will not change, however, energy efficient electrical appliances and fixtures such as compact fluorescent lamps, a waste recycling program and optional towel or linen replacement are just some of the services guests choosing a Green STARS property can expect. Criteria covered by Green STARS are divided into three key areas; energy efficiency, waste minimization and water management.

AiTO Responsible Tourism Star Classification
The three star award is the highest level of RT recognition offered by AITO. It means the company has successfully implemented and continually improves an RT policy. To gain three RT Stars, the company must also undertake a specific project which contributes to the economy, culture or environment of a destination.For AITO’s responsible tourism policy, check out